Mediation Culture And The Next Generation


A short insight into national education and development in mediation around the world from four former participants of IBA-VIAC CDRC – the Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition Vienna, representing Lebanon, Georgia, India and the UK.

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CDRC Vienna – A Year On


One year has already passed since my journey at the IBA-VIAC Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition (CDRC), held in Vienna. It was a year of exciting opportunities, hard choices and fulfillments, some of which – heavily influenced and marked by my CDRC experience.

Twelve months after this occasion ou jamais, in my hometown of Pleven, Bulgaria and with the merriest of memories, I am assembling different pieces from former articles in a single composition of suggestions and tips for all those lucky devils out there who have yet to experience the magic of CDRC. Enjoy!

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Is The Enforceability Of Mediated Settlements Holding Back Commercial Dispute Resolution?

joshua-ness-117255The early voting data from the first 10 Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series events has revealed that both the user and advisor stakeholder groups share a view that the future of commercial dispute resolution would be assisted if there was legislation in place to improve the enforcement of mediated settlements. Users are parties to disputes: the clients, and advisors are typically private practice lawyers. Read more

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The GPC Enters Its Final Stages

james-padolsey-152010.jpgThe Global Pound Conference is now kicking into high gear, with events scheduled in 16 cities between now and the conclusion on 6 July 2017 in London.

At a time when advances in technology and science are calling into question and pushing the boundaries of all forms of human endeavor, the world’s domestic and international adjudicative systems have remained, for the most part, rooted in practices developed centuries ago. Continue reading →

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