GPC Series Data

Welcome to the GPC Series Online Voting

Voting on GPC questions was closed on August 31, 2017

Over 2,500 participants spent approximately 20-30 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

Please Note the number of exact votes per question varied:

  • Voters had to click “submit” on each question for their answer to be recorded.
  • They had to remember return to previous unanswered questions or to navigate between questions, using the arrow keys.
  • Although is was best to complete the voting in one session, this did not always happen. If a voter closed the browser and returned to the start at a later time, all questions they had already answered could no longer be changed, and they would be informed “you have already answered this question”.  They would need to use the arrow keys to navigate forward.


This is part of a unique international project seeking to collect data from different stakeholders involved in commercial dispute resolution: parties, their advisors, service providers (e.g., courts, judges, arbitrators, conciliators, mediators, etc.), and other influencers (e.g., academics, government ministries, think tanks, etc.) to detect what gaps (if any) may exist between what users want and what is available to them, and how to shape the future of commercial dispute resolution and improve access to justice at local and international levels.  Your votes are important to us.

Please feel free to forward this link to anyone else you think may be interested in providing their views as well.