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Why use the GPC​ Series Event Application?

This app was created to enhance your GPC Series experience, by giving you easy access to all the event information while taking part in the live polls and asking questions.


  1. Answer the category questions.
  2. Obtain some general details about the Agenda and all the information attached for the local event
  3. ​Get to know more about Speakers (Biography and see the other attendees. You can even send them a private message).
  4. Access the Core Questions on the dedicated voting platform login with your professional email.Questions will only be streamed​ during the Conference.
  5. Use the "Ask a Question" and the "Make a Comment" button to submit your comments/questions. You can vote up your favourite comments/questions.


  1. ​Connect to the Wi-Fi
  2. Access the app via​
  3. Follow the instructions below to create a shortcut on your device
  4. Click on the icon on your home screen to access the app
  5. Enjoy the Event!