In Conversation With Michael McIlwrath


Michael McIlwrath, Global Chief Litigation Counsel for GE Oil & Gas, speaks to the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy about global trends, key challenges, and the future of dispute resolution.

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Ask An Expert: Juan Antonio Ruiz

Juan Antonio Ruiz

Juan Antonio Ruiz, Partner at Cuatrecasas in Barcelona, Spain, discusses a number of significant disputes trends, including hybrid clauses, online dispute resolution and the growth of mediation. Continue reading →

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Evolution Or Revolution? Are We Up For It?

justin-lawrence-154064In a wave of efforts by arbitral institutions to share more and more information with the arbitral community, we are in a better position than ever before to observe and compare what arbitral institutions are doing in response to users’ wishes. White & Case’s recent research shows that arbitral institutions are becoming increasingly flexible and responsive to what users are asking for. Flexibility was in fact identified as one of the most valuable characteristics of arbitration in the 2015 International Arbitration Survey conducted by White & Case and Queen Mary, University of London.

White & Case examined the most recent statistics and other information publicly available from ten major arbitral institutions to see if there were any overarching trends or themes that stood out. A very positive factor in itself was the data gathering process in that it revealed a growing willingness by the institutions to publish and share data.

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Ten Takeaways From The GPC Data

Ten Takeaways From The GPC Data

summary of the aggregate data from seven GPC events (Singapore, Mexico City, Lagos, New York, Geneva, Toronto and Madrid) was recently published on the GPC website. The Mediator Academy has distilled the report down into 10 interesting takeaways. The infographic focuses on the key areas – party desires, needs and expectations, current practice, promoting access to justice and ways in which to improve commercial dispute resolution.

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Ambitious Goals And Global Plans: Analysing The GPC Series Data


The cumulated data of the first seven events (in Singapore, Mexico City, Lagos, New York, Geneva, Toronto and Madrid) of the Global Pound Conference Series that took place in 2016, shows that the preferences and priorities of parties involved in commercial and civil disputes differ from what providers perceive and offer. In other words, there are gaps between the “demand” and “supply” sides in the dispute resolution market.

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An Education In Negotiation

joanna-kosinska-129039Business schools (though, sadly, few law schools) teach negotiation skills and techniques, but more often as an elective than as a core subject. Most people emerge from business schools and law schools as instinctive positional bargainers expressing themselves in the form of wants and demands rather than needs and interests. They tend to be touchy about negotiation. Tunnel vision and a gladiatorial approach can block their ability to explore wider prospects and better opportunities. Read more

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3 Signs That You (Or Your Clients) Are Dispute-Savvy

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Whether you are a dispute resolution practitioner or a commercial operator, you know that some manage to navigate the commercial dispute resolution world more effectively than others. What distinguishes those who thrive from those who barely survive?

The answer may be simpler than you think, but the implications of understanding this could have a big impact on the way you approach commercial disputes. Read more

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