Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon On Mediation And The Rule Of Law

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An analysis of why mediation should be considered as part of the rule of law was given by the Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Supreme Court of Singapore, to the The Law Society Mediation Forum in Singapore on 10 March 2017.

The following is a series of excerpts from a speech recently given by the Honourable Chief Justice of Singapore. It is particularly important in that it not only suggests that ADR (including mediation) should be included in the range of procedural options available to the judiciary, but it goes one step further in concluding that the inclusion of mediation in the range of procedural options given to the parties promotes the rule of law. Read more

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Evolution Or Revolution? Are We Up For It?

justin-lawrence-154064In a wave of efforts by arbitral institutions to share more and more information with the arbitral community, we are in a better position than ever before to observe and compare what arbitral institutions are doing in response to users’ wishes. White & Case’s recent research shows that arbitral institutions are becoming increasingly flexible and responsive to what users are asking for. Flexibility was in fact identified as one of the most valuable characteristics of arbitration in the 2015 International Arbitration Survey conducted by White & Case and Queen Mary, University of London.

White & Case examined the most recent statistics and other information publicly available from ten major arbitral institutions to see if there were any overarching trends or themes that stood out. A very positive factor in itself was the data gathering process in that it revealed a growing willingness by the institutions to publish and share data.

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